For Athletes

Runners! First off,  THANK YOU for running for your matches!!  We know it’s so fun for them to see photos and have runs dedicated to them!

For Daniel

Want to share with everyone who you are running for??  Here are some ways you can share:

  • Upload your photos to your personal facebook profile page
  • Upload your photos to the I Run For Michael group
  • Tag us on Facebook, Twitter (@whodoUrun4) and Instagram using hash tag #IR4

Make your kiddo feel special – they LOVE seeing messages, but they LOVE LOVE seeing photos too!!  Want some ideas??  Here are a few!

  • Write their name on your arm for a race
  • Make a special shirt to wear
  • Make signs to hold up in pics before/after runs and races
  • Ask their parents something special they like and hold it up in pics.  Do they like Barbies?  Find a Barbie pin to wear to races and keep a list of every race that pin has run in!
  • With permission from the parents – ask if you can send race medals or other race swag to them so they can have momentos

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