IR4 Guidelines

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First off, welcome! Thank you for joining I Run 4! We hope you have an amazing experience with us here. Here are a few ways you can help make your experience in IR4 the best it can be!


  • Have FUN! Make your posts as fun as you can. Make funny faces, wear a goofy outfit, or just be you (I’m goofy without added visuals.) Don’t be shy. After all, these folks are your friends!If you have a bad run/workout, post that, too. You will be amazed by the support you get within the
  • Post often within the group! While we require posting a minimum of three (3) times a week on the group page, the more you post to your buddy/runner, the more you foster a strong relationship!Remember, you don’t have to run/exercise three times per week to post three times per week! If you are the parent, be sure to like and comment on their posts. It’s a two way street!
  • Engage in on topic conversation with others in the group. Don’t be affraid to comment on another persons post. If they had a bad run, encourage them. Build them up! We are a team, here.
  • Don’t engage in negative posts. If you see negativity within the group, please use the “report post” feature to notify our admins of behaviors not conducive to IR4’s mission of providing a safe place for
  • Keep your posts on topic. While we all love the pictures or videos of cute kittens playing with a ball of yarn or someone doing some amazing feat, we strive to keep the focus of the group on the buddy/runner relationship. Posts that fall outside the scope clog up the feed and detract from what is truly important, our buddies!
  • While we all want to promote and share the things that are near and dear to our hearts such as fundraisers and groups we are all a part of, IR4 has a “no link” policy. Please be mindful of this policy. We understand that you really want to promote your causes or raise funds, but outside links take away from the safety of the group. IR4 has its own mission and we cannot allow outside links to detract from


This is the fun part, Matching. You get your buddy!!! Here are a few housekeeping rules to keep in mind.

  • Matches are done by the matchmaker for each
    • Carol Dublin – Main Group
    • Melanie Dittrick – Siblings
    • Jenna Lauber – Wounded Vets
    • Yvonne Cardoza Jones – Remembrance
  • While we all wish we could run for all these cute and amazing buddies, we can only run for one. There is one exception and that is the remembrance group. You may run for a buddy in one of the other groups and in memory of someone else.
  • Many of us know of someone who has different abilities than us and would love to run for them, but we do not allow pre-matching. This detracts from the purpose of inclusion we strive for. Let me explain… If you know someone who could use a runner, you are already aware of that person’s situation. Awareness is not being spread because you are already inside their cocoon. A stranger will get to learn everything you go through. Now THAT is spreading awareness!


  • In the event your match just doesn’t work out, you can ask for a rematch. If you have not had contact within 30 days, you may request a new runner/buddy. Please keep in mind there are certain situations that may take precedence over this; things such as hospitalizations. If you do not post on the group page, we have no way of verifying the amount of contact you have had with each other. Please try your hardest to make the match work!
  • To request a rematch you must contact:
    • Dustin Erhardt or Jill Huffman Knapschaefer – main group
    • Melanie Dittrick – Siblings
    • Jenna Lauber – Wounded Vets
    • Yvonne Cardoza Jones – Remebrance
  • Each person is given a total of three chances. After three attempts, we will not allow a rematch. This prevents people from frivolously asking for rematches. Please try your hardest to make the match work. It is a two way



  • GIFTS: While everyone loves getting gifts, we are not allowed to ask for them. You are not allowed to ask your runner/buddy privately or on the group page. This includes cards, letters, medals, etc. 2 STRIKE RULE. REMOVED BUT NOT BANNED. MAY REQUEST TO JOIN
  • LINKS: Links are anything you click and it takes you to another page or website. Links can be anyting that starts with www or sharing a page you like to the group. 2 STRIKE RULE. REMOVED BUT NOT BANNED. MAY REQUEST TO JOIN
  • FUNDRAISERS: The only fundraisers allowed are ones hosted by us our our partner organizations. 2 STRIKE RULE. REMOVED BUT NOT BANNED. MAY REQUEST TO JOIN
  • BULLYING AND OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE: We have a zero tolerance policy against hate speech, swearing, belittling, name calling, picking on someone, etc. 1 STRIKE AND PERMANENTLY BANNED

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