IR4 Siblings: The Unsung Heroes



Many of our honorary coaches/buddies have siblings who could benefit from support and encouragement as well. Siblings are the unsung heroes. They become caretakers, advocates, protectors, helpers and so much more. Many times their lives are put on hold or uprooted, causing them to grow up too fast, losing some of their childhood. IR4 wants to reach out to siblings and show them just how amazing and appreciated they are. Please join us in honoring our IR4 Siblings!

As always, PLEASE READ OUR GUIDELINES before committing to a match. The wait time in Unsung Heroes is considerably shorter than in our main group, so be ready to hit the ground… err… RUNNING!


  1. Join our private Facebook groups: I Run For Michael and IR4 Siblings: The Unsung Heroes.
  2. Complete your designated registration form:
    • If you are a RUNNER who wants to be matched with a sibling, CLICK HERE and complete the registration form.
    • If you are a SIBLING who wants to be matched with a runner, CLICK HERE and complete the registration form.
  3. Wait PATIENTLY as we make the matches!!

    Runners: Please post a minimum of three (3) times weekly whether or not you have been able to run so your buddy knows you are still involved. This group is all about building relationships. Be sure to tag your buddy/parent in the post so they can easily find it on their newsfeed. We ask the buddies/parents to “like” your posts, comment and post updates also. We aren’t picky about your workout – running, walking, cross fit, yoga, or strength training – as long as you do it in honor of your buddy.  Racing is not required, but for those who do race, many honor their buddies by sending their medals or other bling from the race to them.

    Buddies/Parents: Please “like” and comment on your runner’s posts and post updates about yourself (or your child) as well. Please show your runner you appreciate their efforts by responding to their posts, sharing about yourself (or your child), special milestones (including pictures or videos), encouraging them with their running, and asking them about their activities.

Lets run, walk, bike, swim, and exercise to show our support for these amazing siblings of people with special needs!

If you have any questions or would like more information about IR4 Siblings, please contact Melanie Dittrick.

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