Kerri On: I Run 4 Remembrance

“You are your angel’s feet and their wings will carry you on your journey! Keep moving!”

Founded in April 2013 by IR4 President Tim Boyle and IR4R Executive Director Yvonne Jones, Kerri On: I Run 4 Remembrance was the first branch of IR4.

At I Run 4 Michael, we experience our fair share of tragedy each and every time one of our buddies passes away. In honor of these new angels, and for Kerri’s namesake, who was one of Tim’s dear friends who championed IR4 from the beginning, the athletes of Kerri On dedicate our workouts to our loved ones who’ve left our world too soon.

If you’d like to join Kerri On: I Run 4 Remembrance and run in honor of an angel or find a runner to dedicate their workouts to your loved one lost, please READ OUR GUIDELINES, then request to join the IR4 Facebook group and I Run 4 Remembrance group and contact Yvonne Jones, who will personally walk you through the registration process.

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