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HERE is where the magic happens!

Whether you’re a runner, walker, yogi, cross-fitter, or any other kind of athlete and you want to dedicate your workouts to a buddy with special needs; or you’re someone (or parent of someone) with special needs and are looking to expand your support network, YOU are why we’re here. We want to provide a new kind of motivation for runners and athletes by giving them the opportunity to provide hope and excitement for those who can’t be as active.

What do you have to do? First, READ OUR GUIDELINES!! Once you’re sure you’re ready to make the commitment (and it IS a commitment – relationship building always is!), just sign up. When you’re matched, dedicate your runs/workouts to your buddy!!  Simple as that. You can make signs, t-shirts, body paint, whatever you want to do to make your match feel special! (We even have a group of amazing vendors to provide you all the gear and goodies you could want!) Upload pictures and tag your buddy or their parents in the Facebook group! Give  your running – or your runner – a whole new motivation!


  1. Join our private Facebook group I Run For Michael at:
  2. Complete your designated registration form:
    • If you are a RUNNER and want to be matched with someone with special needs, please CLICK HERE and complete the registration form.
    • If you are a BUDDY with special needs and want to be matched with a runner/athlete, CLICK HERE and complete the registration form.
  3. Wait PATIENTLY as we make the matches!! With literally thousands of people waiting to be matched, the current wait time is around 12 weeks. We update the “waiting runners list” weekly (it can be viewed on the IR4 Facebook Group page), and you are welcome to check in every so often. We haven’t forgotten you – we’re working our way down the match list, and yours is coming soon!

    Runners: Please post a minimum of three (3) times weekly whether or not you have been able to run so your buddy knows you are still involved. This group is all about building relationships. Be sure to tag your buddy/parent in the post so they can easily find it on their newsfeed. We ask the buddies/parents to “like” your posts, comment and post updates also. We aren’t picky about your workout – running, walking, cross fit, yoga, or strength training – as long as you do it in honor of your buddy.  Racing is not required, but for those who do race, many honor their buddies by sending their medals or other bling from the race to them.

    Buddies/Parents: Please “like” and comment on your runner’s posts and post updates about yourself (or your child) as well. Please show your runner you appreciate their efforts by responding to their posts, sharing about yourself (or your child), special milestones (including pictures or videos), encouraging them with their running, and asking them about their activities.

    Building a supportive, encouraging relationship between buddies and runners is what we’re all about, so GET TO KNOW YOUR MATCH!




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