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Official Vendors

The following vendors have partnered with I Run 4 to provide our members with custom-designed products featuring exclusive IR4 Branding & Logos, and every single one of them donates a portion of their proceeds back to IR4. Please support them first!

For more information or to become a vendor, please contact


York Sign Shop by Tamara York 

Meg’s Art Studio by Megan Stoff
Custom Hand-painted Medals, Frames, and Plaques  

KooKoo Brights by Shira Jorgensen
Custom Medal Racks

Wooden It Be Lovely by Michele (Shelly) Grieve
Custom Hand-Painted Wooden Signs



Personalized Designs by Ally by Allyson Haney
Personalized Apparel and Decals

Bend Active by Adam Heller
Custom IR4 Active Wear Tops and Bottoms 

Sparkle Threadz (formerly Beady Eyes Online) by Tammy Burns
Rhinestone Transfers Tees, Tanks, & Hoodies + Personalized Bottlecap Jewelry 

Thread and Sparkle by Chip Reese
Rhinestone Apparel 

A&E Custom Tutus by Elizabeth Reininger
Custom & Glow Tutus and Accessories

Hand Stamped Metal by Amy Matzen  

Pink Lemon Design Studios by Tira Clyce 

Bear ‘n’ Babes by Hailey Howell 

Origami Owl by Tiffany Pihir 
***Please note in online orders that you are an IR4 member!***

Origami Owl by Katie Ballard

Chloe & Isabel by The Three Divas by Heather Porterfield

Keep Collective by Jane Thompson

Keep Collective by Mackenzie Lawrence 

Keep Collective by Claire Leigh-Monstevens

Libby K Design by Katie Gropper
Custom Shirts, Bags, Frames, etc.

Flores Creations by Carmen Flores
Custom Tutus, Skirts, and Dresses 

ButtonPress Hand-Crafted Goods by Cecily Olson
Tank Tops, Tshirts, Sweatshirts, Decals

MARK-IM by Kelly Ifft
Custom IR4 Branded Clothing

FTC Geek Supplies by Melissa Burke
Custom Shirts, Ties, Pillowcases, and More


MNS Custom Creations by Sonia Estep
Custom Shirts and Apparel

Glory B Creations by Samara Dulik
Custom Decals, Apparel, and More

Chasing Pavement by Katie Futch

Joyful Blessings by Melanie Merritt

Looking for Simplicity by Melyssa Moros

Uppercase Living by Christine Indrigo

Pulling Stitches by Angela Denton
Custom Shirts, Jackets, Cups, and More

It’s A Good Design by Matt Pantermoller
Custom Apparel and Accessories 

Fearless Bows & Designs by Ms B by Jennifer Boen
Personalized Decals, Cups, Clothing, and Cheer Bows

Bitsy Blush by Angela Tweedel
T-shirts, Tanks, Water Bottles, Decals, and more


The Outdoor Girls by Kaysie Holeman
Non-Toxic Nail Wraps 

Liv’s Jams by Leviticus Niederauer
Jamberry Nail Wraps 

Jamberry Nails by Katy Tapely
Jamberry Nail Wraps  

Jamberry Nails CANADA by Mandy Johnson
Jamberry Nail Wraps 

Shoe Tags, Bags, Headbands, Phone Cases & More!

Bondi Bands by Rebecca Buckley (represented by Pam Luc)
Custom Headbands, Hats, Compression Gear 

Hot Headz Headbands by Amy Radano
Non-slip Customizable Headbands

Robin’s Eggcetera by Robin Buchanan
Custom Ornaments 

Forever Green by Carrie Hudson
FG Xpress Power Strip Pain Relief Patch  

My Yellow Dandelion by Joslynn McLaughlin
Custom medal hangers, Vinyl decals, T-Shirts, Calligraphy 

My Dream Big Shop by Christine Weisman
IR4 Shoe Tags and Charms 

Seamingly Yours by Dawn Mateo
Custom Blankets and Pillows from Race Shirts

Races 2 Remember by Molly Dwyer
Customized Back Bibs, Temporary Tattoos, Cheering Signs, Mantra Bands, etc.

Bitty Button Boutique by Rebekah Jones
Custom 3” Button Pins 

SweetNSassy Designs by Dawn Miller
Custom Embroidery, Bags, and Gifts

Charmed Running by Theresa Kavouras
Custom Shoe Tags

This and That Handmade Boutique by Marie Skidmore
Etched and Painted Glassware, Mugs, Candle Holders, Etc.

Run Bold Designs by Jennifer Anger
Custom Water Bottles, Mugs, PR Chalkboards, Shirts

Down Memory Lane by Joanne Faschingbauer
Customizable Scrapbooking Kits

Sending Angels by Remlet by Jenn Turchi
Custom Remembrance Bracelets & Shoe Tags

Thirty-One Designs by Kelly Fainter
Customized Thirty-One Totes, Thermals, and Home Organization Products